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The Role of Baptism

At Coastal Community Christian Church, we are anchored in faith, united in love, and driven by a desire to share the light of Christ with all. Our beliefs are not just statements; they are the bedrock of our actions, the heart of our community, and the compass that guides us in our journey of faith.


Here, you'll find the core principles that shape our church's identity. From the nature of God's love to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, our beliefs draw from the wellspring of Scripture, offering a foundation for both personal growth and collective mission.

Whether you're seeking a spiritual home or exploring the Christian faith, our doors and hearts are open. We invite you to journey with us, discover the depths of faith that bind us, and see how these truths can impact your life today.

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We are currently working on this section of study. Please be patient as we carefully pray over and study the content we are going to place here...

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